Seed Starter

Seed Starter is a pellet mulch formulated from recycled wood and cellulose fibers dosed with a biostimulant that is specifically designed to improve soil structure and enhance plant nutrition.

  • Delivers biostimulant to jumpstart germination of the seed and promote healthy growth
  • Retains vital moisture in the soil for fast establishment
  • Better Performance, More Professional than straw
  • Protective Mulch Cover stays in place & holds color through germination
  • Easy to spread dry or apply with a HydroSeeder 


Broadcast Spreader or Hand 40 lb/800 Sq. feet and irrigate with about 1/10 inch of water
or rainfall to activate the pellets. Apply over large areas with a PTO driven spreader or a high volume push spreader.
HydroSeeding Mix 60-75 lb per 100 Gallons of water or up to machine capacity. Mechanically agitated gear pump machines able to handle a 1 lb to 1 gallon ratio.

Slope Gradient
Flat to 5:1
Up to 4:1

Application Rate
40 lb/1000 Sq. Feet
60 lb/1000 Sq. Feet


Wood, Cellulose, Tackifiers, Biostimulant, Surfactant, Dye Tracer

Eco Safe

100% Survival 48-hr LC50 Daphnia Magna method 202 EPA-821-R-02-012

For more information, contact:
Pat Holubetz, CPESC
[email protected]