Black Diamond

Black Diamond is an erosion control mulch pellet formulated from recycled wood and cellulose fibers dosed with tackifiers and a biostimulant that is specifically designed to improve soil structure and enhance plant nutrition.

Our soil stabilizers achieve the highest performance categories in the hydraulic erosion control industry at lower application rates. The pellets are designed to be applied Dry or Wet, loading into spreader or hydroseeding equipment in seconds at high mixing ratios for maximum productivity.

  • C-Factor = .05 at 2500 lb rate
  • Biostimulant jumpstarts Germination
  • Retains moisture for fast establishment
  • Easy to spread dry or HydroSeed

• Aerial application
• 750 lb Bulk sacks load in seconds
• Holds color though germination period
• High loading ratio


Broadcast Spreader or Hand

Apply over large areas with a PTO driven spreader or a high volume push spreader.


Mix to machine capacity up to 100 lb per 100 Gallons of water. Mechanically agitated gear pump machines and vortex pumps able to handle a 1 lb to 1 gallon ratio. Centrifugal pumps may require a lower ratio due to the viscosity of the slurry.

Slope Gradient
Flat to 3:1
3:1 to 2:1
2:1 or Steeper

Application Rate
2,500 lb per Acre Wet or Dry
3,000 lb per Acre Wet or Dry
Upgrade to Double Black Diamond

Cover Factor

.05 at 2500 lb per Acre Application Rate ASTM 6459 Test Method 

Water Holding Capacity

675% According to ASTM D7367 Test Method


Wood, Cellulose, Tackifiers, Biostimulant, Surfactant, Dye Tracer


Blue/Green Pellet

Eco Safe

100% Survival 48-hr LC50 Daphnia Magna method 202 EPA-821-R-02-012


50 – 40# Bags per Pallet
750 # Bulk Sack calibrated to hydroseeding equipment loading

For more information, contact:
Pat Holubetz, CPESC
[email protected]