Erosion Control Mulch and Revegetation Pellets

Pelletized Seed Starter

Diamond Star is a line of pellet mulch formulated from recycled wood and cellulose fibers dosed with tackifiers and a biostimulant that improves soil structure and enhance plant nutrition. Our soil stabilizers achieve the highest performance categories in hydraulic erosion control at lower application rates. The pellets are designed to be installed Dry or Wet, loading into spreader or hydroseeding equipment in seconds at high mixing ratios to achieve maximum productivity.

Environmental Benefits

  • Keeps waterways clean of sediment and pollutants
  • Stabilize the soil until vegetation roots lock the soil in place
  • Flocculate soil particles
  • Ionic and physical bond
  • Contours to every aspect of the soil
  • Vegetation is the ultimate soil erosion control
  • Vegetation captures pollutants and recharges healthy ground water




Double Black Diamond Soil Stabilizer & Biostimulant

High Performance Erosion Control Mulch and Soil Stabilizer

Black Diamond Soil Stabilizer & Biostimulant

Erosion control mulch 
and revegetation pellets

Diamond Star Pellet Mulch with Tackifier & Biostimulant

Mulch cover for seed or Hydroseeding;  Straw mulch weed free alternative

Why Use Diamond Star?

Easy to Spread or HydroSeed

Clean mulch pellets flow and hydrate quickly

Jumpstarts Germination

Pellets retain moisture and deliver Biostimulant

Easy to Spread or HydroSeed

Tackifier holds the seed and mulch in place creating a protective cover that deters predators

Fast Establishment of Seed

Dense stand of Turf without the weeds of straw

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